Monday, 30 May 2016

Bad Month

It’s been a weird month - hence me being quiet on my blog. This happened to me last time we moved, things are new and exciting the first few weeks. I’m busy organizing and cleaning, really motivated. Then things around the house start to settle and depression settles in aswell. This is obviously something I need to get better at handling because G’s job requires us to move in the future, that’s a fact. This time was better than last, I will say. I remember G coming home from work and I would start crying for no reason, I would sleep all day, and online shop like no tomorrow. This time the sadness just sort of drained all the energy from me - I felt completely unmotivated. Looking back on the last month I can’t even remember what I did to make time pass, it’s really weird how days can just get away from you when you are walking in a haze.
This last week is the first all month I’ve felt somewhat like my old self again. I’ve been exercising, doing yoga twice a day (morning stretching session and relaxing session after my workout in the evening), starting my vegetable garden, eating better again and paying attention to our finances (still debt free even after this blip!). I’m hoping this motivation continues to get stronger but I’m not trying to rush it either. I’ve got time these days (lots of time) and I want to make sure I recover properly without any ‘quick fixes’. One day at a time, things will get back to a normal. <3

- M 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Summer is Here!

We were living on the edge this week and it’s only Wednesday. Sunday we only had about $10.00 left in our chequing account to last us until the 11th. I’m being a little over dramatic because we do have savings over an above our Emergency Fund but that money is ear marked for new house windows and I’d rather not spend it if we don’t need to. Luckily I got an EI deposit yesterday which will help us float until G’s next pay.

Regardless - after an expensive April and a vacation coming up in June we both agreed to have May be a low-spending month. I’m hoping it wouldn’t be that difficult since G will be gone for two weeks out of the month and he is the spender lol. With that I’m also hoping to save in our grocery category. I’ve spent nothing so far and have meals planned out until Sunday when G leaves, so I’ll only need to worry about myself. 

It’s been so warm here over the last few days. Saskatchewan is so bizarre with it’s weather - I swear there is no Spring or Fall just Extreme-Winter and Summer. I’ve been spending the last few days working in the yard. We had some grass seed we bought last year I found while moving and used that in the front yard yesterday. No garden planted yet, but there is a giant vegetable garden area at the back of our property which will be put to use. It already some rhubarb growing! If G can till up the garden area we might run to the city and invest in some plants - using some of the grocery budget to make up for that expense as it will (hopefully) provide us food in the long run. 

Here is a view from the very corner of our property (thank god we have a riding lawn mower) & the nasty sunburn I got while working outside yesterday (not sure how I’m going to fix that one).