Sunday, 10 September 2017

Just Sit-down and Write - A New Introduction

Hi everyone! Yes, I'm still alive even though I haven't written in nearly a year. My life has been pretty hectic during my downtime and I have finally been able to catch my breath.

I apologize for leaving that last post on a cliff hanger, and I promise I will air all the dirty laundry soon. But to be honest - blogging wasn't fun anymore. I don't know why (because no one was forcing me), but I felt the need to write more click-bait blog post. I wanted people to keep coming back to find out what happened. It was stressing me out because I felt I couldn't write what I actually wanted to write - no one wants to read a grocery haul post, even though I personally love reading those. I was seriously starting to annoy myself with all this overthinking. 

I want to give you all a new introduction. I've toyed with deleting the entire blog (or at least those embarrassing try hard post) but just like my high school 'emo-kid' photos: it's part of who I am. 

My name is M, I'm 27 and live in a small rural Saskatchewan town with my husband of 5 years, G, and our blind chocolate lab, Mocha. I'm really happy with my life right now and finally have things back to being organized (somewhat). This won't only be a finance blog, but also a personal blog. Even if no one reads these post I'm using this blog to get my thoughts out.

Since last writing we have:
  • Spent three weeks traveling all across Europe, ending in Romania where we attend a wedding and I finally got to meet G's family and see where he grew up 
  • I recieved another promotion (and raise) within the Credit Union that I work at 
  • Stopped budgeting, if you can't tell (lol)
  • Added $2300 in Line of Credit debt despite my raise 
  • Took out a $14,500 loan for basement remodel and new windows for the entire house
  • Still haven't paid off our SUV 
  • My parents came out to visit us from Southern Ontario (part of the basement reno was setting up a bedroom for them/other guests)
  • We were both asked to stand up in G's best friends wedding next year, we said yes
  • G & I have really gotten into to board games (random fact)
We have basically been living without a plan and it has really shown. Now we dig out from this shit again but I'm done feeling embarrassed - lets just get this paid off. 

Current debt: $16,652.62 (not including car loan because I don't care about that right now @0.99% fixed, call me reckless!)

Current game plan: 
  1. Get back to budgeting (omg so many fails without tracking anything) 
  2. Pay off the Line of Credit
  3. Save up $7000 for annual expenses (property taxes, insurances, etc.) and replace as it gets used
  4. Pay off remodel loan 
So that's that. It was so much fun spending all that money, & now we get to have even more fun paying all of it off /sarcasm.  ;}

- M 

Me in my natural habitat, surrounding myself with flowers (Bucharest, Romania)


  1. Welcome back. What a wonderful pic. You're so young (says the old old lady :-)

    Sometimes people need a reboot (or three) until they are ready to push forward.

    So glad to hear from you again.

    1. Thank you Jolie!! I'm glad to be back, even if I forgot how to approve my comments (lol whoops!)

  2. Welcome back! You were missed. Write abut whatever you want!

  3. Beautiful pic!!! I miss you blogging. I just don't have any blogging mojo anymore.

    1. I've been checking your blog seeing if you were writing - I get it about the mojo though. Glad to know you are still around though :)

  4. yes! welcome back! i check in from time to time because you are relatable compared to some other bloggers. mainly, because my husband is RCMP. but also because your debt is always REAL LIFE. I am currently tackling my remaining student loan debt (getting there!), we are working towards INCREASING our down payment, and I am trying not to resent my husband for taking out a truck loan ;) excited to follow along again.. hope you stick with it!

    1. Hey! This is so cool - someone who understands some unique struggles G and I deal with his job. Thank you for commenting :) Congrats on getting on top of your student loan debt, how much have you paid off so far? For your down payment are you currently renting or in force housing - with a transfer on the horizon? Do you have a blog yourself? Let me know!