Saturday, 21 April 2018

1st Quarter 2018 Networth

  • Liquid Cash - $16,588
    • This is everything we can easily liquidate incase of emergency without any penalties. TFSA's are included in this category for that reason.
  • Retirement - $159,906
    • The largest account in here is G's pension. We use the transfer value on his pension statement, as that is what we would be able to transfer to a LIRA (locked in retirement account) if he were to quit. The rest would be my pension and RRSPs.
  • Hard Assets (House, Cars (private sale amounts) - $257,000
    • House value is what we paid of the house plus a little extra to account for the new windows. Car values are calculated on a yearly basis - they are the private sale figures I was able to calculate online.
  • Mortgage - $152,311
    • 15 years and 11 months left on our mortgage! We haven't made any extra payments to this debt but do have an accelerated bi-weekly payment - which helps a little.
  • Consumer (Car & Remodel Loan) - $29,815
    • Working on this... 

Current Net Worth: $251,368

(Quarterly Increase: $32,443)


Maxing out our annual expenses has definitely helped out liquid cash situation, we had our first bill arrive in the mail last month and we were able to pay our house insurance without even batting an eye. Retirement has also had a nice boost thanks to both of our work pensions. My RRSP is currently on sale, so any contributions I make seem to be gobbled up by the markets. I'm not bothered by this at all, we both have a long time before these funds will ever get used so there's lots of time for them to grow (and shrink). Hard assets are the same, last year I updated the private sales amounts mid way thru the year I might do that next quarter.

The snow ball is definitely rolling! We've been able to pay off $8,234 of consumer debt. Our renovation loan is at the Credit Union I work at so each time I get the loans clerk (a friend of mine) to take an extra payment she cheers me on, lol.

Glad we finally made it thru winter here in Saskatchewan, here's to an even better Spring!

- M 

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