Sunday, 25 March 2018

Second Winter

Saskatchewan was hit with a pretty messy storm Friday. I ended up leaving work a bit early to make it home before I was storm-stayed. My usual 50 minute drive took 1 ½ hours. I got home safely and G had a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge for me, lol.

I'm grateful we didn't have any plans this weekend that required us leaving home. We completed all the house work and spent most of the afternoon yesterday baking macaroons (see pictures below).

Green tea (matcha), Rose, Lavender-Vanilla & Earl Grey!
This was the second batch we've tried making, first batch was a huge fail

Money situation has been smooth sailing. I have a $2000.00 cheque written and it will be applied to our loan this week. I also made an extra payment of $500.00 that we had left over from one of my paydays. Ideal situation has us paying off the renovation loan by August. Honestly, as long as it's gone by this year I'll be happy.

Next weekend we booked a trip to Calgary for Easter, which I ended up just taking out of the regular budget. We also booked our camping trip for end of summer! Sleeping in a tent for 5 days in Jasper, followed by two nights in Edmonton where I booked us a nicer hotel (I figured we deserved it, lol). Those bookings I took from our vacation fund to pay off our credit card as soon as the charges hit.

I also had my final fitting for my bridesmaid dress. A lady G works with does sewing work on the side and agreed to do the alterations. Best park: it was free! G had sharpened their kitchen knives a while back and she told him if we ever needed something sewed to let her know. I'm going to bake her something though - just as an extra thank you. I also got my shoes. The bride said she wanted us comfortable in flats but asked that they are silver. I found the perfect pair at Ardene's and ordered them right away. Best part: they were only $7.50! I'm glad because it's not my everyday style but it looks amazing with the navy blue dress. I won't feel bad if they get wrecked from dancing that evening. :)

- M

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