Saturday, 22 February 2014

Line of Credit Payment

           As I said in my last post, our focus this week was making a larger then normal payment towards the line of credit. Wednesday payday came and the first thing hubby and I did in the morning (before we even got out of bed lol) was make a payment of $2,049.34. As it stands right now we have we have exactly $14,000 left to pay. Even though I was so excited to be able to make a larger payment, seeing that there’s still $14k left made me a little depressed but at the same time more determined to get that ugly sucker down to 0! And I believe from here on out a payment of $2000 a month should be do-able since this month we had to pay $500 + on a credit card I had completely forgot until the bill came in (yes I was kicking myself). But I can honestly say all our credit cards are sitting at 0 balances, and both of us plan to keep it that way.

Actually this week it was kind of cute because I asked my computer-wiz hubby how to make a pie chart in excel so I can visually see our budget per month. And not only did he make a pie chart, he was able to make this awesome budget that calculates everything for me, breaks purchases down by category and is so colourful!! Needless to say my pencil and paper tracking sheet was in the recycling bin in no time lol. And he was said it was a great idea and was completely on board with using it. It’s a relief knowing how we are on the same page about sticking to a budget, since this time last year talking about money was something that always ended in a huge fight and left me really stressed out. I can’t wait to post my beautiful pie chart in a February overview at the end of the month. J

            Other then that my week has been so busy with work, this weekend is time for me to start and finish the mountain of chores and housework that was seriously neglected. I hope you all have a great weekend and are ready to watch some great Olympic hockey on Sunday!

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