Saturday, 15 February 2014

Week in Review

This week was bill week. We had our mortgage come out at the beginning of the week and then we got our energy, power and Internet bills all arrive in the mail by Friday. Having those paid and out of the way (all our other bills were paid at the beginning of the month) let’s us focus on our line of credit! I got paid on Friday, which helped bump our chequing account back up after paying the bills and going grocery shopping for the week. Hubby’s paycheque for this coming week will be double what he normally gets paid since his promotion from back in October FINALLY went thru and he will be getting back paid for the difference. We talked about it yesterday and were on the same page with putting a bigger payment towards the LOC then what we normally put per month. We aren’t sure of the exact number after taxes but we are definitely going to stretch this week in terms of meals to make as big of a dent as possible. I'll definitely write a post about what we decide next week.

Speaking of meals, like I said we went grocery shopping yesterday. Spending $129.16 we picked up enough to last us way more then the week. And today, while hubby is out snow sledding, I took it upon myself to organize and take inventory of our big freezer to see what we could get creative with! I have about two weeks worth of meals that are possible. I just might need to buy small things like fresh veggies and milk but at least all the big-ticket items (i.e. meat) are accounted for!

** FYI to anyone that shops at the CO-OP grocery store (I think they are a Saskatchewan thing) and has a smart phone: download the app! I’ve gotten tons of free items and money back on my purchases. This week since we spent over $100.00 we got free toilet paper. And lets be real, nothing says Happy Valentines Day like free toilet paper! LOL But don’t fall into the trap of purchasing unnecessary things just to use the coupon because then you are defeating the purpose. This week just happened to be a higher grocery week for us since we had to buy our dog her food -- even though I had a coupon it’s still expensive.

Now I’m off to enjoy the peace and quiet until hubby gets back. Have a good long weekend and happy Family Day to those province that celebrate/haven’t celebrated it yet (am I the only one still confused about how this holiday works? Lol)



  1. I only learned about the co-op app when the mom of one of my students was ahead of me in line in early December. I like the $10 off weeks, but I have used a few of the others ones as well.

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    1. Yay! What a great bonus to a long weekend :P LOL