Sunday, 28 December 2014

Meal Plan

I'm trying something a bit new that goes partly with one of my 2015 goals (which I will share in a later post). I know a few other blogs I follow do a similar thing and I always look forward to those posts. Extra bonuses when the include links! Nice way to get new ideas for recipes :) 

Monday: Appointment with the vet in a neighboring town, potluck kind of night
Tuesday: Oven ribs & Broccoli Salad
Wednesday: Left overs
Friday: Left overs
Saturday: Chili & Garlic Toast
Sunday: Left overs

A bread loaf is currently being made as I type this and it should last us the week. We also have all the basics for salads and veggie wraps for lunches so we should be good on the food front. We will be going grocery shopping tomorrow while our dog is at the vet getting her blood work done. We made the list of things we need tonight while we were meal planning together. G is taking charge this week as he is on vacation. He really enjoys cooking and I can’t tell who’s more excited: him to cook or me to eat delicious food! 

- M


  1. The potato soup sounds delicious. I'm a huge soup lover! Here's my menu plan for the week.

    1. I hope it turns out! We've never made it before :)