Sunday, 4 January 2015


I am one happy camper right now! Friday the government finally partnered with ePost (part of Canada Post) and we can now view G’s paystubs four weeks in advance (2 pay periods)! This makes budgeting so much easier for me. There’s no more guessing if there will be overtime or not, it’s all right there on the internet! J Ahh, modern conveniences.

So as soon as we were made aware we could do this, we signed up and of course I got right to budgeting for the month. Good news: G is getting overtime on both his cheques. Bad news: still no raise payout from way back in October. I checked last year to see when the adjustment came thru for his last raise and it wasn’t until February so I’m guessing that’s when we will see if this year aswell. Oh well, we know it is coming eventually and when it does it’s just bonus. My 10-cent raise took into effect starting January 1st but it’s not going to be a noticeable jump, obviously lol. More money is more money though!

Speaking of money, I was able to sell my old iPhone 4s to a friend for $80 on Friday. She really needed a new phone and my old phone was just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. So that was a good way to start the New Year! We are also looking at selling our generator but that money will go to purchasing a more powerful one, as we had to learn the hard way that when it’s -20C and the power goes out for 10 hours, the house cools off extremely fast. Our poor little generator and space heater were working so hard but just couldn’t really keep up. We want to be prepared if something like this happens again especially since we live in the middle of nowhere and the power company here in Saskatchewan has admitted it’s dealing with an aging infrastructure. Oh joy! ;P

This weekend has been pretty quiet. Friday at work I started to get a sore throat and yesterday I woke up with a full-blown cold. Today it got even worse. I didn’t get out of bed until 11:30 and even then I moved to the couch downstairs in the livingroom and have been here ever since. Good thing Friends is on Netflixs though; perfect sick days series. J

Monica gets it
- M


  1. A generator is a must. Last year I was home with our then newborn and 5 year old when our electricity went out. It was storming so badly they told me that they couldn't fix it till morning cause the roads were all closed. Luckily we had the generator but it was still scary with a newborn.

    1. Oh man! That is a good thing you had the generator then; having a newborn is stressful enough without throwing loss of power into the mix