Tuesday, 3 February 2015

47% Increase

February is going to be an awesome month. Guess what I signed for yesterday?


Wait for it…



So let me explain: Last April I was applying for different jobs that were a bit closer too home. I was sick of the hour long commute that I wasn’t getting paid for and it was tough as we only have the one vehicle between my husband and I. Things ended up working out in the end because the company that I worked for transferred me to a branch in my town. I really liked that I was close to home (5 min walk) but I still wasn’t completely happy with my job. However, the places I applied too weren't hiring so I just kind of went with the flow: I was lucky to even have a job, with benefits and bonus’ and such. 

Fast forward to the second last week of January and I got a call from one of the places I applied too! They still had my resume on file and wanted me to come in and interview (if I was still interested). So we booked the meeting for Thursday the 29th right after I finished at my job. It was an interview with their HR rep & the woman I would be reporting too if I got the job – it was really casual and more of a discussion of what I do now (I’m a bank teller at one of the ‘big banks’ in Canada and was being interviewed at the local Credit Union literally right across the street from my work now lol) and procedures, etc. I got a really good vibe from them. 

Friday (the next day) after work I noticed a call from the Credit Union so I called right back and they offered me the full-time permanent position!! I swear to God I have never squealed so loud in my life! I scared my poor dog lol. I made an appointed with her the following Monday right before work so I can sign the offer before I starting handing my notice in. Yesterday I went and signed, gave my notice to my manager and I start on the 17th J ! Also when I signed my papers she said the wage I have now is just a starting wage and after the three months of probation is up I will get an increase because of my experience! More money? Yes please!

There are sooo many things I know I want to do with this increase of income (i.e: invest) but I want to see how much I will be taking home each week after taxes and take it from there. So March is most likely going to be when I set all that stuff up. I haven’t used up any of my RRSP contribution room ever (my RRSP now is spousal) so that’s what I’m leaning towards and possibly increasing my TFSA contributions.

This is a great way to start off my year, I'm extremely lucky & grateful J

- M 


  1. Congratulations! I thought I had first read you were working for a payday loan kind of institution but then I saw it was a credit union, which is much better for the customers and yourself. May I give you some unsolicited advice. Be careful of lifestyle inflation. You were doing fine before this 47% increase therefore I would put most of it away in savings (long-term/short-term) while alloting a tiny bit for fun stuff. Good on ya M!

    1. Oh god, haha even walking by PayDay Loan places in the city make me feel dirty; I could never work somewhere like that.

      Thank you for the advise! That is definitely the plan (long-term/short-term savings) but also paying off our car -- that's a big goal of ours this year.

  2. 47% is pretty darn exciting. Think how much more powerful that 47% will be now that you are money aware?

    1. Thank you!! This increase is definitely not just slipping thru my fingers