Saturday, 21 February 2015

First Week

          I have official completed my first week of work and so far so good. The first few days was basically me in an office completing compliance and anti-money laundering training: which I was already familiar with having come from my other banking job.  Funny story though, I was doing some reading in the office on my second day and my chair kept getting stuck, I thought it was the wheels so I kept trying and realized it was getting stuck on something under the desk. So I bent down to see what the issue was and there's this little box on the underside of the desk with a button that is now pressed slightly in. So I go to my managers office and ask her if, by any chance, a silent alarm in the office I’m working in, she said there in fact is and I let her know I believe I set it off by accident. LOL I was so embarrassed! 911 called the branch and even though we let them know it was an accident they said two RCMP officers were on their way and have to come check it out just incase. The officers (aka my husbands co-workers) came and joked that if I wanted to see G so badly I could have called his cellphone instead, lol. It was so embarrassing but my manager said she did the same thing about a month previous so not too worry. Still so embarrassing though! At least everyone had a sense of humour about it. 

            The one thing about this new job is instead of every week either G or I getting paid, we are now on the same bi-weekly schedule. That just means a bit more planning and watching things closer to make sure we have enough to last us the two weeks. I’m not too worried about it but this month kind of sucks because I missed this pay week but the next round of pay I will get three weeks instead of two – which will be nice.

            Other money news: we fully funded our $5000 Emergency Fund last week! We are still keeping our automatic transfer but now any extra money and interest accumulated will go to paying off our car. G hasn’t called the bank to see how we can set this up but we won’t until we get a couple thousand accumulated to put as one lump sum. Also, we moved our vacation savings to Tangerine. There’s $1400 in there right now. We don’t have any automatic payments set up at the moment but I hope once the LOC is paid off (that’s sitting at $2700) we can start adding more on a regular basis – I want to go on some nice vacations & G definitely deserves one.

- M

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