Monday, 14 September 2015


The decluttering has continued this weekend: over 250 items gone. I know in my last post I said my closet was 100% but I went thru my accessories and got rid of a ton of necklaces and rings I haven’t worn or just aren’t my style anymore. I was able to sell many of them on the local buy and sell group so that’s a small win. I also got rid of a giant wicker basket that held flats and scarves. I didn’t get rid of any of that stuff since it’s all good, by just rearranging I was able to condense.

So, why the sudden declutter bug? Well, it’s been one of my goals all year but this past little while was because my parents were coming to visit so I wanted everything to look nice. But my parents have come and gone and I’m even more ramped up! That’s because my best friend is moving from an entire house to a one-bedroom apartment this week. She’s been really getting rid of anything that doesn’t add value. Seeing her progress (okay not seeing it but hearing about it) and being able to talk to someone about this kind of stuff has really made me excited to push myself a bit further.

But guess where her and her husband are moving too?

That’s right! They are moving to Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy

I’m so excited! First thing I said was “We get to spend Christmas together!” which then followed “…. Are you prepared for the winter?” haha Her husband had been looking and applying to EMS jobs all across Ontario without any luck. They were getting really frustrated because he had great grades but no one was biting. They started looking at different provinces and I told them they should seriously think about Saskatchewan. It’s a growing province with a TON of jobs available (especially EMS), great place to raise a family (something really important to them) and I’m here (joking but kinda serious lol). Sure enough a couple of weeks after applying he had 5 call backs from cities and towns interested – this is after an entire summer applying in Ontario. One quick visit up and a few interviews later he choose the place he liked the 'feel of' the best and they will be about an hour and a half away from me!  I’m going to try to visit them either this weekend or next, depending on when they get here and get settled. G & I got them a $50 gift card for a grocery store in their town (figuring they are going to need to restock when they get here) and my parents got them a nice bottle of Saskatchewan wine to help welcome them.

(Back on track) Okay, so like I was saying, they are moving this week and driving all the way from Ontario to Saskatchewan. One trip and one trailer towed – she is in major declutter mode because of this. Her moving not only has gotten me in the mood to clean but also got me thinking about our next move. G has been discussing a transfer to a more specialized unit and I am 100% supportive. He has been talking to different sergeants and updating his HRMIS (our wish list of postings). The next transfer season isn’t until later this fall but it doesn’t hurt preparing for a move even if one isn’t on the table yet. Trying to keep any future stresses at a minimum when the transfer happens.

All this discussion between G and I has also lit the fire to getting a lot of project done around the house. I did the master-bath facelift just before my parents came, we painted the stairs and banister so they look fresh, and did some outdoor stuff (pruned trees, cut down a tree, fixed some of the siding, landscaping), did the living room remodel a while back. All little small project that really only needed our time and energy but we kept putting off. My house is looking really nice if I do say so myself, and more importantly it’s stayed that way for over a month now. Have I mentioned how much easier it is to clean without so much junk in the way? :P

- M


  1. I'm so happy that your bf is moving close to you. That's awesome!!

    1. Thank you!! I know it sounds so silly but it's one less person I need to miss back at home (lol)