Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bad Week

This has been an extremely emotional past few weeks for me: but it has gotten G & I's butts into gear about what would happen if either of us passed away. We were mostly inquiring about his work plan, because unfortunately as a result of recent events, I realized it's a reality of his job. We had a lot of really good conversations over the last week, and although it was really tough to talk about (i.e. Do you want to be buried here in Saskatchewan or back home in Ontario?) I'm glad we have had those conversations because if something happens to either of us we aren't worrying about if we made the 'right' decision. By the end of this year are going to be getting a Will in place incase of the worst. I hope to never ever have to use it, but at least it's there and our wishes are made clear.

To add to my already emotional wreck of a week: we got our bill for our roof. $5909. After hyper ventilating and then going thru his extremely detailed bill making sure everything added up correctly (he even included his invoices from the hardware store, I guess he knew I seemed like the type to want to go thru them) I came to the conclusion that yes, that was the price... That night after sulking around the house I called my mom who gave me the harsh reality of "Once you get just a little ahead, something will happen that will set you right back" Thanks mom... you totally made me feel better... G was on the same page as my mom, but added that a year ago if we got this bill we wouldn't have been able to pay for it because everything was max out and we had zero savings. He always says the perfect things  So after a transfer from our EF to our chequing account, I wrote the contractor a cheque without any tear stains or writing 'F- You' in the memo line. 

I consider that a big win for me ;)

- M

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