Thursday, 19 June 2014

Overtime & More Meal Plans

G has been extremely hard at work these past few weeks. As I said in a previous post, they are heading into the busy months two workers short. This means a ton of overtime. G & I sat down this week and went thru his pay stubs to see what overtime he has been paid and what is still outstanding. 6 weeks of extra pay is still owed to him, not including the time he has put in this pay period, which included him getting called in on his day off (automatic double time) and tomorrow he is on call all day because everyone else is at a golf tournament (he just found this out tonight) plus he still has to work he's regular night shift. The money is really really good, but I don't want him to get burnt out. He was really pissed about being on call tomorrow just because it was so last minute and an error that could have been avoided. It annoys me because, even though he submits all his paperwork and claims on time, we don't see that money until months later. The current amount we are owed is $2808.90, which doesn't included what he worked this week nor the taxes that I'm too lazy to calculate that need to come off. I'm hoping to see some of that payment on his next pay cheque or else I don't think we are going to be able to reach our goal of putting $2000.00 towards to LOC this month which would really disappointment us. I hate relying on the overtime, and it's something we never normally do, but this month has just been a gong show with our finances; but I won't go into detail here.

In other news this week. Update on mission use-up-what-we-have: it's going awesome! I've actually inspired my best friend to do the same thing with her kitchen and freezer; and it definitely helps to brainstorm meal ideas with someone else. :) For lunch today I made some soup and for dinner we had slow cooked ribs. Tomorrow we are having burgers (I even found hamburger buns in the freezer), Saturday I am making stew & currently I'm enjoying some popcorn. I have the next weeks worth of meals planned out day-by-day and my market list is ready for tomorrows grocery shop. I have 15 items of my list and 8 of those are items are vegetables. I've never been so excited for a grocery shop before! It's nice having a simple list with everything planned out. This whole process is definitely a lot less stressful then I thought it would be.

Tomorrow is my payday and I know I'll be getting some extra hours on this pay cheque that aren't part of my regular pay. Looking forward to moving some money around and making a small payment towards to LOC. Every little bit helps right?

- M

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