Monday, 2 March 2015

New Credit Card

            I have been researching travel credit card for quite a few months now and G & I finally made the leap to replace his CIBC Divided VISA. We ended up going with the RBC WestJet MasterCard. The real draw to it was the yearly $99 companion flight it offers on the anniversary of your signup & the insurance benefits. Yes, we can only fly WestJet but that won’t be an issue for us. Those flights will definitely be nice for visiting my family back in Ontario or going on vacations! Also the card comes with cancelation insurance that covers first responders if they get called in to work, which is so important for us. It’s extremely difficult to book anything in advance with G’s job even if he does have it booked off: RCMP = Really Can’t Make Plan.

Weird thing was they approved us for a credit limit of $22,000......... Ummmm that will definitely be lowered once we call to activate the card. Insane and extremely annoying that when you do the application online you can't choose to have a lower limit. Like they just want you to forget to lower it and then rack it way up because the transactions keep going thru (that was me a few years ago). 

I’m happy it’s a Mastercard though since we can use it at Costco for the points and just pay it off. I currently do this with my PC Mastercard. I use it at the grocery store for the point but then pay it off as soon as I get home. I’ve gotten an impressive amount of free groceries this way J Currently sitting at $70 able to redeem next time we do a city trip - which will be tomorrow as G has to go into Saskatoon for an appointment. 

We were looking at vacations this weekend and although we still really want to visit the Yukon, G really has his heart set on Vegas. Either or I’m fine with, as long as we both get a nice vacation this year. Nothing is set in stone yet but I do hope to sit down, do a price estimate to see what our savings target should be and when we would hope to go.

I think the cold weather is definitely starting to get to us; we are craving some relief & vitamin D, lol.

Anyone gone to Vegas? We don't drink and will maybe gamble very little just to say we did it, but we love amazing food and sight seeing: any recommendations?

- M

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