Saturday, 7 March 2015


            Last week G followed up at work about his raise from back in November to see what is taking so long for it to process. I’m really glad he did because it turns out they lost the paperwork... well that was their excuse anyways. 

            So G’s Sergeant had to resubmit all the paperwork again and I’m hoping it won’t take too long to get processed this time, although G said he will be following up. It normally takes a few months for any type of wage change to go thru so maybe we will see it before summer?  I’m not holding my breath nor counting on that money though – what will be left of the retropay (after taxes) will be a nice chunk to toss at the car debt, which is sitting at an even $17000 right now.

- M 


  1. You really have to be on top of paperwork, because often, things fall through the cracks once you pass it out of your hands. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.