Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Grocery Budget & Meal Plan

I really like writing about my grocery budget. They are also my favorite posts to read. Not everyone is paying off debt, not everyone owns a house or a car, etc; but everyone has to eat! I love seeing how creative people can get. 

Anyways, last month I had a budget of $350. We went over (womp wompppp). $388.46 is what we ended up spending, $38.46 over. So close! But I’m not going to beat myself up about it because that is still pretty darn good and I'm getting better. I have the same budget this month for food and I’m confident we can do it! We spent Monday afternoon meal planning for the week and this is our menu:

            Wednesday: Left over ribs (from yesterday) and scalloped potatoes
            Thursday: Bacon burgers and salad
            Friday: left overs
            Saturday: Sole with rice and green beans
            Sunday: left over sole with a soup on the side

I did the weeks grocery shopping today afterwork. My grocery list only consisted of the following items: milk (cost us $6.77... ugh), tomatoes, watermelon, yogurt, lettuce, cucumber, orange juice, cranberry juice & hamburger buns - my only 'impulse' purchase was blueberries because they looked really good. Everything else we had in the freezer or panty - our freezer is a carnivores idea of heaven. My bill came to $40.13! What an awesome start to the month! 

G also got paid today and I was able to make a $2000 payment to the LOC, which is now sitting at $7500. That's a sigh of relief considering we weren't able to make any progress last month. Nice to be back in the groove :) 

- M

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