Sunday, 16 August 2015

Grocery Shopping in the Garden

Well, we are officially debt free except the mortgage. We paid off our car that was sitting on the LOC on Tuesday including a $54.37 interest charge that went thru. Once I seen that interest charge I knew I made the right decision. It feels awesome knowing we have nothing but the mortgage left and once we get a beefy Emergency Fund we can begin rebuilding my TFSA. I'm happy with where we are right now and this frees up so much more each month and give us so many options. We are really looking forward to seeing our net worth really amp up!

So far we are at $132.28 for groceries for the month and this week is going to be another cheap week because I got to go grocery shopping in my friends garden! I was over at her acreage today helping make pies for her wedding that is coming up at the end of this month. She's so sweet, we went thru and we picked a TON of vegetables for me to bring home. She said this is the first haul of many.

Green, Yellow and Snow Peas, Lettuce (two kinds), a huuuuge bag of tomatoes, celery, a mini-pie (not from garden but homemade! lol), basil (two kinds), carrots, beets, and cucumbers

G and I are going to make a huge batch of pasta sauce once the tomatoes ripen and I'm going to blanch and freeze most of the peas. The basil I froze because I cannot get fresh basil at the grocery store here, same with the celery leaves (for use in future soups). Everything was home grown from seed and pesticide free. I was snacking on the snow peas as we were picking them, lol. Nothing beats garden fresh.

This week has been extremely budget friendly, and even though we are debt free (besides mortgage) we are both very happy with a cheaper, minimal lifestyle. Definitely something we plan to keep up and even get better with each and every month. :)

- M


  1. Congrats on the debt payoff!! That is awesome news. And, super jealous of all of the produce. We have a ton of tomatoes, basil, but have had pretty poor showing from the cucumber & didn't grow any carrots or beets. Yum!

    1. Thank you so much :D

      Her garden is amazing and she is SO generous with what she gives to my husband and I. It's awesome that your tomatoes took off really well! There a lot of different options of things to make plus the added bonus most of recipes can or freeze :)