Saturday, 22 August 2015

Frugal and Productive Weekend

Yesterday after work I spent the evening cleaning out and organizing the guest bedroom. My parents are coming in less than two weeks so I want the house to look perfect for them! I was able to get rid of three more boxes of stuff I completely forgot we had. Canadian Diabetes is coming to do a pick up next month so everything is being donated to them. I’ve given up counting how many items I’ve gotten rid of this year; it’s over 800 items that’s for sure.

This morning I meal planned for the week (I’ll add the plan at the end of this post) and then G and I went off to the grocery store. We spent $41. Woohooo! This month our grocery bill has been $238. That is an all time record and way under the $350 I had budgeted. Even though we are debt free we are still pretty determined to cut back our budget when we can or want too. So far this month we were able to add $500 into our emergency fund, pay our annual property taxes (just a little over $1000) and purchase a brand new shot gun (haha, random). Next month is a three-paycheque month for G so there is a lot of savings on the horizon. :D

This afternoon I started doing a mini-reno of our master bathroom: a new coat of paint on the walls and trim, spray-painting the existing towel bar and toilet paper roll holder (both of which were a tacky gold colour). Better yet we had all the materials needed in our basement! The bathroom is small without any windows so I’m just painting the walls white to allow as much light as possible. We had a half used gallon of paint downstairs that was still perfectly good so I’m using that. G has some silver spray paint so that is what he is using for the fixtures. I’m currently waiting on the first coat to dry and will do another coat tonight. Sunday, I can put everything back in its place. I also painted the door in the guest bedroom, plus some trim touch ups that needed to be done. Excited to see what it’ll look like when it’s done!

- M

Meal Plan

Saturday – Lasagna (was in the freezer)
Sunday – Leftovers
Monday – Corn & roasted garlic potatoes (corn was crazy cheap this week and the potatoes we had already in the pantry)
Tuesday – Burgers with leftover garlic potatoes
Wednesday – Burgers and scalloped potatoes
ThursdayChicken Sloppy Joe's with Greek salad
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Going to a wedding – will be eating dinner there

SundayChicken Shawarma


  1. I love, love, love chicken shawarma! Sounds amazing.

    1. The one thing both my husband and I really miss about the city is the middle eastern food. Although I am really impressed with that recipe, it still doesn't beat the real thing