Thursday, 12 November 2015

Transfer Talk

Okay, so lets talk a little more about the transfer.

We weren’t looking to move necessarily. The town we are in now is extremely small and the detachment itself has been understaffed a majority of the time we’ve been here however that has allowed G to work a lot of overtime – and I really believe we would not be in the position we are today (debt paid off, good emergency fund, etc). Also, I have a secure and excellent job, which isn’t easy to get in a small town where they know for a fact one day I’m going to move because of what my husband does for a living. Regardless, a really good opportunity came up for G and he was offered a traffic division position in a small town. This is what G wants to do, his career path within the RCMP needs him in a traffic unit so he gains more experience and can more easily get approved for specific courses and training. I think the total conversation lasted about a minute before I told him I was on board and that I thought he should accept, lol.

We’ve been looking at the town and it’s really cute. Still small town Saskatchewan, which I enjoy but a lot closer to Saskatoon and some other smaller cities with proper grocery shopping. It’s going to be very convenient for us and we can still be a single car (paid off car, I should add :P) family without any issues. G has already talked to his new Sergeant to see what the shift will be like and they are niiiiccee. I’m actually jealous. They are longer shifts but his rotation will only have him working max four days in a row with a minimum of two days off in between shifts (mostly three days off though). The only thing that will be different is there won’t be as much overtime. However, there are opportunities if G wanted on his days off to do prisoner transports in Saskatoon. G said he would be totally up for since it’s easy money and you don’t have to do any extra files lol. So there is hustling opportunity and my husband is a hustler.

So, what about me?

Yeah! What about me, this is MY blog afterall :P First of all, this life is not for everyone. The Force does not care about the spouses job, what is good for families (moves in the middle of a school year), a lot of spouses have given up careers to follow their significant other around Canada. I understood this 100% going in. I was there the day he signed the papers accepting their offer and the woman who was there said "You understand we can sent you anywhere in Canada?" and Gabe said he understood and then she said "Have you looked at a map of Canada?". I would never hold anything related to his job against my husband, because many of these things are out of his control. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Like I said, I have been so grateful for how open and accepting the Credit Union I currently work for has been to me. I mean I scared my dog when I got the job offer and cried when they gave me a raise (haha lame). This mindset did not change last Friday when I told my manger what was going on. I went into her office after letting her know I needed to talk to her in private and just flat out no bullshit told her Gabe got his transfer notice. She said they knew this would happen one day, but didn’t expect it so soon and said it was going to be really difficult to replace me. I let her know we still have to sell our house and get all that stuff done so it’s not my notice or anything but I want to be open and honest about what is going on since it’s not my intension to screw anyone over. She appreciated that, lol. Now one thing I haven’t mentioned was the post that we got was at the top of our posting list (members need to have a list on file of places they would wish to go too) for a reason. Not only because of the traffic division for G but because about 15mins away, just up the highway, the Credit Union I work for has a branch. I let her know the location and my willingness to stay with the company – even if it’s just as casual as I don’t expect the same position/hours I have now. She said she would talk to the retail manger but she is sure that they wouldn’t deny an offer from someone that is fully trained. So I left her office feeling extremely positive. A few minutes later she called me back in and said that the retail manager was totally on board and understood that there isn’t a set in stone timeline for this transition to happen. But then she had a little pause and said “I can’t go into details, but there may be an opportunity at the beginning of next year that would work out perfectly with your move. –Insert managers name- doesn’t want to loose me”. Then gave me a very big smile. Eeeeeeee! Holy crap I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I mean honestly, even if it doesn’t work out just working the casual is going to be okay but how sick would something more be?! I’m not counting my chickens but yay!

So how about that for a perfect move? For both G & I. Now if only all future moves are going to be this lucky, lol.

- M

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