Saturday, 5 December 2015


- House on the market
- Last bit of donations (and by bit I mean 4 trash bags and 13 boxes) picked up this week
- The house feel so much nicer now
- Finances are on track, still debt free and topped up our emergency fund plus some
- Christmas shopping done, feels good to spoil those who we are close too. So many have given us so much over the years this is the first Christmas we don't have any debt and can truly give
- I am on fire with my food budget these last few months
- Sold $50 worth of random items today on the local buy and sell - meaning even more stuff gone from the house
- My life is full of reading policies after policies, this is our first proper government move and we are entitled (according to these policies) to different things. I want to make sure we understand everything and what certain things mean for G's taxes
- Lots and lots of meetings
- Enjoying this oddly warm December while it last, definitely making my walk to work more enjoyable

Although everything is pretty overwhelming right now I'm remaining positive and remembering to take things one step at a time. Breath ~

- M


  1. Ok I am seriously behind. I read 'transfer' and quickly went through old post. Not sure how I missed those. I know it's part of the RCMP life to get transferred, but that has got to be hard. We had a couple houses on our street over the years that were purchased by RCMP and it was so wonderful getting to know them, and then POOF they were gone.

    I bet you are glad you did all that decluttering over the past year. Are you heading N S E W of where you were before?

    1. Yeah we've been at our current post for three years - and although I know its a good move for my husband I'm a little bit sad. I was just starting to feel like part of the community and getting to know everyones names and how people are related (lol). I've had a lot of people come up to me and say how sad they were to hear we were leaving - which is touching from my point of view as an 'outsider' aka someone totally not from here.

      & omg yes! Talk about good timing for removing a bunch of stuff from our house, lol. It makes getting ready for showings super simple because everything has a place and there isn't an overwhelming amount of stuff. We are headed West of our current location - a lot closer to Saskatoon but still out of the city. I've heard good things about the town so that's a relief. He could have been transferred anywhere really so I'm counting my lucky stars.