Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lets Double That Goal...

This was a very good week. Our moving fund goal of $1000 is going to be completely blown out of the water. On Wednesday, G’s paycheque had a good amount of overtime so just that day alone we were able to add $1300 to the moving account. Then on Friday I got paid and was able to move an extra $300 to the account – most of this coming from a bit of extra pay, travel expense claim, and selling a few items. The moving account now sits at $1700. Another $100 is for sure getting moved over as an automatic transfer so I just need $200 by the end of the month to double our goal. I’m confident we can do that.

I was able to send out all out Christmas cards this week, plus two packages. We were completely done Christmas shopping at the end of last month so as packages started arriving from online orders, I would spend a bit of time each night wrapping the presents. Once the last items came in the mail I could pack it up and off to the post office I went! Being organized really helps when I’m trying to make sure our packages arrive before the holidays, also saved us money because I didn’t have to express post it! Still cost $40 to ship two separate boxes out and prices are increasing in the New Year. Thank god we got a giant roll of permanent stamps from Costco a few years ago – we are pretty much set for life.

I never said this in my last post but ND Chic had a grocery challenge on her blog: $100 to get you thru to the 15th of this month. I was doing awesome until Friday when I went to do my grocery shop. Over budget by $10…. Damn. I’m not beating myself up too much about it since it was a slightly odd list of groceries I had to get. My friend came over today for lunch and she has a gluten allergy. So I had to buy some gluten-free pasta for the dish I made and I got a gluten-free brownie mix for dessert. Just those two items: a little over $10 – having allergies sucks. (Shout out to anyone with dietary restrictions – your grocery budgets must be insane). I don’t really care about going overbudget, she was really grateful – since she can technically eat gluten but gets really bad headaches and stomach cramps. I don’t want to make someone feel like that. We had a really nice time catching up and doing our Christmas exchange since we won’t see eachother till the New Year. Definitely worth the $10!

- M


  1. Yes, spending a bit of extra money when friends visit is definitely worth going over in my book. You are doing great with your travel fund.

    1. I wish it was true travel fund - not a travel to the new posting fund. :P Thank you though!