Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lazy Weekend & Planning

This has been such a relaxing weekend. The week was really stressful at work – Wednesday I actually just came home (pretty much ready to cry with frustration), went straight into the bathroom and prepared a bubble bath for myself. G is such a good husband though – he completely took control of the cooking and cleaning this week made an awesome chicken chow mien stir-fry that was the perfect comfort meal. Friday I came home to laundry done (my weekend routine) and the house tidy. Hence the super relaxing weekend.

Yesterday I started looking into vacations for next year – the one back home I’m not worried about since our flights will be paid for with credit card points and we don’t need any accommodations (staying a few days at my parents house and then G’s parents). $2000 should be more than enough for food, shopping, thank you gifts, etc). I’m overestimating because I’d rather have more budgeted than not enough and we may spend a couple days in Toronto. So that takes care of that vacation/ family visit.

What about some personal time for G & myself? I started planning that vacation aswell. With the Canadian dollar so low going anywhere outside Canada really isn’t the smartest decision right now – it’s a good thing I live in a big beautiful country! J Flying somewhere isn’t an option either, as we will have used all our points and credit card perks for our flights back to Ontario. So we settled on somewhere we’ve already been and absolutely loved, Banff, AB! Last time we went it was summer/fall, this trip we are planning on December before Christmas. We are so excited to experience winter in the mountains; I have already done a lot of research on different activities available to do. Driving there is only about 8 - 9 hours tops, completely doable for us in one day. As for the budget – well I’m still trying to figure that part out. The more money saved up the better so I think I’m just going to go big or go home in terms of stocking money away. Like the Ontario vacation – if we use it to have a good time – great that’s what it’s there for; if not then the extra money is there to either keep in the vacation account for 2017 or to help fund another goal.

Although I’m thinking about vacations I’m still aware of our #1 goal right now: the Moving fund. We still are throwing extra money to that fund but I may back off a bit and start with a few hundred here and there to the Vacation fund (extra, as we already have automatic transfers setup for that account). Besides, if shit hits the fan in regards to this transfer, the Banff vacation can easily be dropped/moved forward. I’m just trying to get all our ducks in a row regarding our budget for next year – or should I say moose in a row?

Does anyone think I’m crazy/ taking on too much? It’s just nice to look forward to something even if the dates aren’t settled and won’t be for a while.

- M

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