Thursday, 5 October 2017

Expense Refund

G got his expense refund deposited into our chequing account today. Quite a bit more than we were expecting at $2104.96.

$1000.00 was transfered to our line of credit, which paid this debt off completely (yay!). Then I transferred $1000 to our annual expense fund.


  1. Get back to budgeting  (Done!)
  2. Pay off the Line of Credit (Done!)
  3. Save up $7000 for annual expenses (property taxes, insurances, etc.) and replace as it gets used
    • $1000.00/7000 saved 
  4. Pay off remodel loan

I really believe we can fully fund our annual expenses by the end of the year. It's going to be tight without any overtime payouts but I'm hoping that combined with budgeting and no unexpected expenses we can do it (that's a lot of hoping). We would be $500 shy of reaching it otherwise. I like a challenge though.

This is actually perfect timing for us to reach this step because I just got an email from Tangerine letting me know we qualified for a special interest rate on our savings account @ 2.75%. Every little bit helps!

- M 

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