Saturday, 5 July 2014


Yesterday G & I went thru our budget since now we are focused on both short and long term savings I knew we needed to rejig our spreadsheet. We now have those two categories separated so we can see exactly how much of our income is going towards retirement and how much is being saved for planned spending (vacation and house fund, and our personal spending accounts).  We also set up the automatic transfers to each of these accounts on our paydays.

The only account account we didn't automate yet is the house fund (for repairs and maintenance) just because we got our property tax bill this month and wanted to make sure we can pay for that in full by the end of the month to take advantage of a savings our town offers if you pay by the end of July rather then waiting until the end of the year. We both agreed at the end of the month if we have a surplus in our chequing account, anything above $500, we will divide that into the emergency fund and the house fund. I'm really excited to see how this month turns out!

Also, a few things I had posted online sold this week. A few young adult books I had read years ago but still had in the back of my book bookshelf. $15.00 that will be going into our emergency fund. I took a few photos of some blouses and one summer dress today and will be putting those up for sale tonight. Hopefully someone will like them. Who knew I would be hoping for snowflakes in July!

- M

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  1. The best thing I learned about snowflakes is how quickly little things can add up. I guess that holds true for expenses as well. While I haven't been as devoted lately, I did some serious attacks on my debts and planned spending through snowflakes.

    Good for you for finding all those little flakes.