Saturday, 1 November 2014

I'm back! October Budget Overview

Why hello everyone! I'm extremely sorry for disappearing so suddenly but it was a busy summer and fall as well. I believe things should be returning back to normal, hopefully. Winter has arrived here (hence the slow down in activities). Yesterday afterwork I walked around town with a friend from work as her son was trick or treating. In -6*C weather, we were all freezing after 2 hours. I've never walked home so fast in my life! Jumped straight into bed and tried to warm up haha

Soooooo, I'm really hoping that you would be wowed by our Long Term Savings pie slice but you may be wondering why we have a slightly larger pie slice that has returned. Debt Repayment. Yup :(  I'm kind of embarrassed but not at the same time. End of September G & I finally went on our honey moon. After nearly 2 ½ years of marriage! We took a road trip to Alberta (Jasper & Banff area) and we had an amazing time. That is a trip I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. I've never seen the mountains before and we soaked up every single second we could, went on so many hikes and a lot of activities. I don't regret a thing. Well that's a lie, because I wish we would have planned better but I'm learning! I have our next trip (Whitehorse, Yukon) planned out, priced out & a savings plan in place. So our Line of Credit is sitting at an even $5000 at the moment and the plan is to have that gone by January, while still keeping our Long Term Savings as it is (since all of that is automatic).

Good news money wise is that I have increased my TFSA contributions. So we are now putting in $200 bi-weekly. G celebrated his 2 year anniversary in his career which comes with a bit of a pay bump. I also got a pay increase at the end of summer. And the company I work for just finished their fiscal year so this means bonuses and another wage increase (hopefully) -- although I don't find out until next month. Oh! And I finished all my Christmas shopping.  :)

I'm sorry this post is so all over the place! But it feels good to be back and I promise less chaotic posts next time.

- M


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  2. I would periodically check back to see if there was any new content and after a while I had thought you had left blogging completely. I guess I just like your style. I follow so many blogs but there are some I get more excited to read than others and yours is one of them. I know part of it was I wanted to see you on the express lane to saving now that you had your debt paid off. I guess the operative word being "had" :) Any who, good to have you back.
    ps. NWT and Yukon are places I really want to visit, but it will take a while since the airfare from Ontario alone is $1,000. Eek!

  3. Aww thank you! :D

    & I know about the air fare :( And now with some of the airlines adding more fees for checked bags... ugh.