Sunday, 9 November 2014

Extra Savings & Planning

This week has been pretty significant savings wise.

A few weeks ago G and I called Sasktel (our cell phone provider) to inquire about getting upgrades for our phones. The woman we spoke with was super nice and although the price to upgrade early was insane (we decided to wait) she did save us $30/month while looking over our account! They had added a better/updated version of my long distance that was A LOT cheaper, and because it was an add-on option I had with my plan we didn't need to sign a new contract. So a single phone called saved us $360 a year! I need to really get into the habit of doing a review of our services yearly, even if they can't lower or change anything at least I know I inquired.

Also at work I'll be changing my insurance benefits so that will save some money every pay cheque -- but I just started that process so I don't have all the details yet. Once I have more exact numbers I'll do an update post.

G and I sat down and thought about our plans for his salary increase. It's a $5600 increase and we agreed to bump up his personal spending from $100 biweekly to $150 biweekly (he works way too hard and does a ton of overtime so I think that is fair) and add more to our vacation fund (we need to save $300 a month in order to meet our goal for our Yukon trip). That's just a rough idea at least. The paper work has been submitted but we normally don't see the raise for at least a few months when a giant lump sum of backpay adjustment gets deposited into our account - nothing quite like that to wake a girl up in the morning haha. Speaking of G's work: he's been working waaaaay to much.  :( They are insanely understaffed and he had a really bad week last month. I've never shared this on here before as I like to remain pretty anonymous but G is an RCMP officer, so understaffed = extremely scary for me. We don't live in a bad area but still they are kept pretty busy. He has a pretty clear career goal in mind, but I would still love the day when he could feel free to retire. That's honestly what motivates me the most. Small steps, long term goals.

- M

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