Thursday, 13 November 2014


No, I'm not going on vacation again don't worry. It's more like a stay-cation. I had two days of vacation left that needed to used by the end of the year so I decided to tac them on with our day off yesterday (Remembrance Day). Yesterday I went over to a friends house for the evening, and today G and I hung out at home. We made Swedish meatballs for dinner; had the meat already mixed from a batch we had made & froze a few months back and then had mashed potatoes that a good friend had given us for free out of her garden! It was an awesome dinner and a nice way to use up stuff we already had. Now G is at work so I took a nice long warm bath (it's freezing outside!) and am curled up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls -- thank you Netflixs!

Money wise: G got paid today, just his regular amount - no overtime nor raise. We calculated it yesterday and he is owed just a little under $3000 extra in overtime. It's honestly like an RCMP savings fund. I'm just glad he has an Excel spreadsheet keeping track of everything and can mark it off when it's been paid correctly - I think the personal finance community is rubbing off on him as well, haha ;) I haven't moved money around yet as I'm expecting most of our bills to arrive soon. Our mortgage has been paid for the month though and that's the only one I really worry about.

Sorry for such a rambling post. I have nothing left to report, just I'm going to make myself a peppermint tea -- did I mention it's freezing? My poor furnace.

- M

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