Sunday, 23 November 2014

Side Hustling

So G has been hustling and I didn't even know it! Well, technically he didn't know either until this week, but that's no way to start a post ;)

Okay so let me explain. G was given the opportunity to complete the required training to become a field coach. There will be a new cadet graduating sometime in February and G will be his trainer. This was all fine and dandy but then we learned the awesome news that each time he will be asked to train someone he gets a bonus as compensation for all the extra paper work, now that is a nice extra :)  Any money earned from this will go directly into the vacation fund.

It's cute because while having the conversation about were the money would go G first suggested to pay off the LOC (how responsible, I was very proud :P ), but I let him know that we are on track to having it paid off by January. He seemed slightly confused how that was possible but knows I crunch numbers obsessively and have it under control, lol. He is happy nonetheless.

Also today, I did some pre-planning for next year and it seems as though our emergency fund will be fully funded as of April 1st 2015. If we can hit that goal sooner the more power too us but I know we will be booking our vacation around that time and want to make sure we have that money available in our vacation account.

We are having our first snow storm here tonight, expecting about 10-15 cm. Definitely makes me glad I don't have an hour commute to and from work anymore. Instead it's now a 5 minute walk or a 40 second drive (yeah that's right, I actually counted one day when it was storming).

Hope everyone is having a good weekend & staying warm!

- M


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for your husband. A person becomes even better when they have the chance to teach or coach.

    1. That's what I told him! He was kind of nervous at first but when they told him about the bonus he seemed more accepting of the extra paperwork haha