Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Budget Overview

Home (12%)

Regular mortgage payments and insurance. Abnormally, this month we purchased some new pots and pans from Canadian Tire that were on awesome clearance. We have a cheaper set that was given to us as a wedding present that definitely were still useable but I always kept my eyes peeled if a nice set ever came on sale. The set we found was an older style that wasn't being made anymore and the box was a little beat up but the lids and pans themselves were beautiful! I've forgotten how nice it is to have water come to a boil so quickly.

Utilities (5%)

Normal range for us but I expect our energy bill will be going up next month. Today was -40C with the windchill, our poor little furnace: its not even officially December yet!

Transportation (9%)

We had a few trips this month for various reasons, including our dog getting sick and having to drive to the vet a few times. I'm hoping next month will be better in this category.

Debt Repayment (16%)

Line of credit payment, down to an even $4000 owing.

Long Term Savings (20%)

All our automatic transfers to different investments. We will find out wither we get a bonus this month or not at my work and if I do any money will go into my TFSA. I'm hoping to add another $500 or so this month to give it one final boost before the end of the year, so hopefully this percentage will be higher next month to reflex that.

Food (10%)

I really need to find a way to cut this back.

Shopping (5%)

A friend of mine had a Scentsy party so I purchased some new winter scents and other little things during the month we picked up, like a star for our Christmas tree!

Savings (9%)

Money into our house and vacation fund. Currently on track for our Yukon trip :)

Personal (14%)

I don't think I've seen this number that high before. A large portion of this number is vet visits, but we always have a bit of Christmas gifts, cards, etc thrown in there as well.


I'm glad this month is done. Not the best in my opinion and I'm kind of getting bummed out. G didn't get any overtime at all even though the payout keeps creeping up - it's extremely annoying. But I'm hoping next month the debt repayment percentage will be a lot larger. I just want to LOC gone (again)...

- M

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