Sunday, 24 May 2015

End of the Month & Retropay Status: Pending

            I love weekend mornings because I make myself a tea, sit down at the computer by myself and catch up our excel spreadsheet, balance our chequing account and look a head at the coming week. The end of the month is always my favorite, because I see how much we can throw at the LOC – this is always the last bill we pay and definitely the best feeling!

            We did an awesome job budgeting this month, and although I know there’s still time for things to happen, I’m pretty confident we will be able to throw another $2000 plus the interest at the LOC bringing the balance down to $12,000. We will also be able to deposit $500 into our vacation savings account. This will still leave us a buffer of about $1300 in our chequing account going into next month.

            This puts us in a very good position for June because G, after 8 months, is finally getting his retropay from his raise back in October. Yayyyyyyyyy! The totals for just the retro pay portion are $3853.01. Now we aren’t sure how much is actually going to be deposited (lol taxes) but that’s okay. We are just going to treat this as a ‘regular’ pay and anything up and above his salary we will transfer to the LOC. I’m hoping they also pay out the current overtime he has submitted – which is at around $3400. But I’m not holding my breath, I know that money will come sometime but it would be awesome to do one big lump sum extra payment. 

            June can’t get here fast enough!

            - M

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