Sunday, 3 May 2015

Getting Better

            After the last post and emotions sort of calmed down G and I had a really good discussion about our future and his career. It’s nice to know we are both on the same page and that he knows I’m behind him 100%. The stress at work, although still there, has gone down and he has been coming home in better moods. He is working his final day shift today before an entire week off – which is much needed.

            Wednesday is our 3-year wedding anniversary and we have a nice weekend getaway in Regina planned for next weekend. A good friend of ours will be watching our dog; we got a super deal on a hotel and tickets to the symphony (back when we were dating G would always take me to the symphony for dates). We are both looking forward to it!

            Oh! And speaking of getaways: we booked our hotel for Vegas! J We transferred out $1500 from our vacation account and paid it on the credit card we booked it with right away (yay points and no interest!). Sad to see our account back at a sad $500, but we will start building it up again for the actual trip itself – that’s what it is there for after all.

My parents are also coming up in September to visit. It’ll be two years since I seen them last. Far too long and I know they are looking forward to it just as much as much as I am. I have the week booked off work while they are here, so it’ll be good quality time with them (the last time I couldn’t get the time off of work and only had a few hours a day to spend with them).

Lots to look forward too and lots to be grateful for.

- M


  1. Super to have that money for your vacation and be able to whap it down on the CC right away. I agree, though, that seeing an account you built up, go hard to see. Even if what you spent it on was what you wanted to spend it on :-)

    Are your parents from SK?

    1. Sadly no. I'm the first to leave the nest! And I moved two provinces away, lol They from Ontario

  2. Congratulations on 3 years! :) Your weekend away sounds wonderful!
    Where are your parents from? 2 years is a long time.. :(

    1. Thank you Carla! :) We are really looking forward to it

      I am originally from South Western Ontario, so my parents still live back at home. We love it out here but I wish travel within Canada wasn't so expensive.

    2. Oh ok.. that's where I am! :) London, Ontario! Everything here is crazy expensive lately... :(