Sunday, 31 May 2015

Meal Planning and Groceries

           Yesterday G & I both went thru and organized our deep freezer. We did this last year and made a list of everything that was in there to hang up right next to the freezer but it desperately needed updating. So we pulled everything out, organizing by type of food (i.e. Breads, Meats, Veggies, etc) and I wrote it all down. We also made sure when we were putting everything back we kept everything organized by type. We got some boxes for the food on the top so it can easily be removed to access food at the bottom.

            While doing this, we also meal planned for the week. The only things I will need to purchase is milk and fresh vegetables for salads and wraps, we had everything else! I made a loaf of bread yesterday so that should keep us for the week and I found a package of bagels for breakfasts.

            June is going to be a little bit different for our groceries budget not only because we are going to make a point of using what we have but G will be gone for two weeks out of the month for training. Although I miss him like crazy while he’s gone I do enjoy getting a bit more creative using up what we have. We found a few bags of shredded chicken I have plans for! J

            The mini-goal for this month is to cut our grocery bill in half and only spend $250. I definitely think this is achievable and G is on board 100%. I guess we will see!

            - M


  1. I always think about how meal planning is such a good idea, but I can never get up enough ambition to just get it done!

    1. We never used to be meal planners but doing so has given me a lot more confidence in the kitchen! :)