Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Last Weekend

Last weekend was amazing. G had spent the previous two weeks in Manitoba for work, and although I am pretty much used to him being gone, those two weeks felt like forever. So I planned a little date weekend in Saskatoon for us.

We had dinner and drinks at the Cactus Club, went see Jumanji, stayed at a nice hotel, and spent the evening swimming in the pool all by ourselves. Sunday we spent the morning at the Remai Modern, then did our grocery shopping (for those that live outside a big city, going to the grocery store is a huge treat and really exciting, lol). We were home early in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day meal prepping an awesome dinner and we polished off a bottle of wine.

It was such a treat to spend that quality time together. Even gearing up for this week where we were working opposite shifts. Definitely money well spent in my mind.

Always curious 
- M

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