Saturday, 25 July 2020

Networth - June 2020


Liquid - $27,539
This is anything we can easily liquidate with no penalties given a real emergency - I have included TFSA’s in this category for that reason.

Retirement - $292,096
G’s pension is a defined benefit pension at his work. For this calculation we take the cash value of the pension he would receive if he were to quit.

Hard Assets - $259,000
House value and car private sale amounts. The car values I update yearly in December.


Mortgage - $134,933
13 years & 8 months left on this baby! Woohoo :)

Consumer - $20,189
The only consumer loan we have right now is a car loan.

Networth: $423,513


Our goals/focus right now are three things:

  1. Saving up money for G’s laser eye surgery - I had my surgery at the beginning of this year and we paid in cash. G’s surgery isn’t scheduled yet but we are expecting it sometime in the fall. We will need to save up $4,290.
  2. Saving up money for a gaming laptop - As you may, or may not know, I live in Saskatchewan but was born and raised in Ontario. All of my family is still living in my home town, so there’s always lots of FaceTiming, phone calls, etc. Since the beginning of the year my sister and I have been ‘hanging out’ via FaceTime and playing computer games together. This was fuelled even more once COVID hit. It’s honestly one of the highlights of my day - although we are playing a game we are also chatting, catching up, G is sometimes in the conversation if he’s in the room. We have a good desktop computer but G also likes to unwind after a day at work playing computer games. So we thought it would be a good idea to get a laptop for me to use while also replacing my failing MacBook Pro. If you can’t tell I’m just trying to justify this purchase, haha. G has been keeping an eye out for some good ones but wants to see what deals there will be for back to school and possibly Christmas. 
  3. Replacing $5,500 to my TFSA - In the whirlwind of 2018, we dipped into my TFSA to help fund our last minute plane tickets, car rentals, hotel stays, etc. I’ve been lazy to replace those funds but want to pay myself back by the end of the year.
Everything else right now is on autopilot. I still keep a budget every month to keep track of all of our income and expenses. I don’t think that is a habit I will ever break. 

- M

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