Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Home-Made Weekend

Yesterday, G got all the information about his shifts up north. He will be going to La Ronge and policing the town as there have been quite a few break and enters – people taking advantage of a shitty situation. He needs to bring a weeks supply of water and food, but I’m not going to consider this part of our food budget as it will all get reimbursed. Oh and they warned him about the horse flies, I guess they are pretty bad up there so bug spray is also a must.

We talked things over and any extra money he will be making while helping up there will be going to our vacation fund. He has a minimum of 20 hours of overtime plus full incidentals for 7 days so it’ll be a nice bump for our Vegas trip in October. Work hard now to play hard later, lol. Joking of course, G and I don’t even drink alcohol.

Budget wise this week has been very good. Groceries are at $147 currently but I need to make a quick run to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up for the week. Although now that it’s only going to be me to feed it’ll be cheap. Tonight I'm making Beef Stroganoff for dinner– all ingredients we had in the house except onion soup. G is currently making a rhubarb pie for dessert – rhubarb was picked for free from a friend’s garden and we had the piecrust in the pantry! So it’s been a very inexpensive and ‘home-made’ weekend.

- M 

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