Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Incidentals & A Forgotten Claim

G left yesterday to go assist in LaRonge. He is getting seven days of meals and incidentals paid for which will be a little under $650 but we both knew that we would way over what he would need.

The incidentals we had covered at home so we knew he didn't need to purchase those. The food however, we knew he was going to have to purchase some of that. Being a bit more frugal and trying to keep costs down as much as possible we shopped our panty! We found him a few soups, crackers, tea (he brought an electric kettle), trail mix, a few granola bars, juice, plastic cutlery, napkins, etc. He only spent $107 in Prince Albert stocking up on more protein rich foods, fruits and things for sandwiches.

So we are left with a profit of $543, which will be a nice little snowball to our LOC. Once the expense finally gets paid out that is...

Speaking of snowballs. I was going thru some paperwork this evening and found a dental claim form from January I had forgotten to send in! That's another $150 coming in the mail once it finally gets processed.

Not a bad start to the week!

- M


  1. Finding an old claim is like finding $20 in an old coat pocket!

    I hope your husband's time there goes well (and safely). It's incredible how big some of those fires are.

    Enjoy your snowflake when it comes.

    1. Thanks Jolie! They lifted the evacuation yesterday but G is still up there helping with the influx of people back into town. I'm glad they have been able to control it. :)