Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Forest Fires

G volunteered to go up North to assist with the wildfires (and now some arson fires - seriously wtf is wrong with people?) that are having a huge impact, not only in the immediate areas, but smoke is traveling far into the US aswell. Today we learned he's going. He leaves next week for 7 days of 12 hour shifts. I am so proud of him. Nervous, I won't lie, but so freakin' proud. No one else in his detachment put there names on the list to go. We aren't 100% sure where he will be helping. La Ronge I'm guessing, but there are so many fires burning, he said he would go wherever they need him.

ND Chic asked in my last post what the air quality was like where we live. Although the fires aren't any where close, the smoke is horrible. There is also a lot of ash falling from the sky, which on my walks to work I've been coughing a lot more. That smokey smell has been giving me a pretty bad headache too and I find it's best to keep all the window closed. Here are some photos my husband took just outside of town:

It's so bizarre, G says it reminds him of Fallout (the video game). There have been many days where the sun is a blood orange colour from the smoke. I can't imagine what it is like up there for them, but I guess G will let me know...

Please keep rain in your thought as well as all those that are helping with the efforts and those that have been evacuated from their homes. I hope it doesn't continue on for much longer.

- M


  1. I will be thinking of your hubby. Some days here we've been blanketed with the thick haze and you can smell the smoke outside. I'm def hoping for rain.

    1. Thank you :)

      It's crazy how far away the fires are but when the wind is going to just the right away it's like you are right there...

  2. The air has been bad here and I think we are west of SS. I know that in DS1's US home the smoke has drifted down there as well.

    DS2 and his Scout buddies have volunteered to go up. They have not yet heard if their request has been granted.

    The armed forces were through here on Monday on their way up to help.

    My thoughts will be with you and your husband as he ventures up to help get things under control

    1. We are closer to Tisdale so I believe we are West of you (there's not much east until you get to Yorkton lol)

      That is so sweet of your youngest! I'm hoping they won't need all this extra help now that the military is there. Keep us posted if he does get asked to go. I'll be thinking of him him!

    2. Sorry I mean you are west of us!