Tuesday, 21 July 2015

EI and CPP Max

This month we had an increase to our income. G has maxed out both his EI and CPP for the year, freeing up about $200 per pay. Excellent timing as our dogs medical bills keep climbing and this little boost in our cash flow will help us thru the rough patch. We've been able to cash flow all her medical expenses thus far without going into debt nor having to touch our emergency fund - although I am very glad it's there. This should free things up a bit more while at the same time not effect any debt repayment. G is taking her to Saskatoon this week for an appointment, I'm hoping for good news.

- M


  1. Congrats. I think I get there at the end of Aug to max out those darn contributions. It will be good to have that extra money of mine :-) if only for a little while.

    Hope all goes well for your pet's appointment.

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a nice little boost. :)