Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Goals Overview

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1  Fully fund our Emergency Fund (Pass) – Completed even though we had to tap into it in July. We have $5000 in our Emergency Fund, I often wonder if we should bump this up but Icomfortable with that amount at the moment.

2  Pay off Line of Credit (Pass) – Yes! This ties into Goal #4

3  Stay out of debt! (Pass) – Yes! Like I said a few post ago this was the first Christmas in a while that we havent had any debt afterwards. Everything was cash flowed.

4  $5000 left on the car loan – (Pass) What a cute goal that we totally blew out of the water. This baby was gone in August and we dont miss it at all.

5  Plan and pay for Yukon vacation - (Pass) Yukon has been put on the back burner for now but we were able to go to on a really nice vacation to Vegas in October which was paid for in cash!

6  TFSA balance $10,000 - (Fail) No ; ( Balance at the moment is $3372. We withdrew the money I had in my TFSA to pay off the car. 

7  Sell $500 worth of items (Fail?) – I stopped keeping track I know I am around $400ish for 2015 but to be honest I donated so much I had intended to sell just because I wanted it out of my house. Still made a good amount selling items though. I was able to donate in total about 30 boxes/bags of items in addition to throwing out countless bags of garbage that was just cluttering up our household. 

8  Try 40 new recipes (Pass) – I have blown this out of the water. Although I haven’t been keeping track, I know I have tried way more than 40 recipes. A lot of this is due to me meal planning and organizing our recipe book. Im way more comfortable in the kitchen and dont get discouraged when recipes dont work out.  

9  Stick to $500/month budget for food (Pass) - Our average was $470 each month. I know I can do better though as its been in these last few months that Ive really excelled at getting our budget way down. This goal will continue into next year.

10  Fully maximize work benefits (Fail) – I only went for two massages this year even though Im fully covered. Boo-urns!

7/10 Passed. I've pretty much covered a 2015 wrap up in my last post so I won't say too much in regards to that. I just wanted to share my successes and failures for 2015 :) 

- M


  1. Wow! Congratulations! That's an amazing achievement. If you want any tips on the what to see in the Yukon, let me know - I'm not an expert, but lived in Whitehorse for 7 years, so can give you some ideas of what you might enjoy. It's a beautiful place, so I know that you'll enjoy the visit regardless of what you do and when you go. Look forward to following you along in 2016! xx

    1. I'm going to take you up on that offer when we start planning that vacation. Thank you! We are really looking forward to seeing that part of Canada for sure :)

    2. Please do! Just drop me a line on my blog when you're ready. Everyone should visit the Yukon - you will L.O.V.E it! :)