Friday, 1 January 2016

The $248.87 Secret

I have a confession. I haven’t been 100% honest with this blog and even myself. Earlier this year I was so proud of ourselves for paying off our car, the last of our consumer debt. Only technically there was an extra credit card I had sort of pushed off to the side and was in completely denial about. 

A couple years ago, when I was in way over my head with our finances, G and I needed a new mattress really badly (ours was badly damaged during the move and had mould growing on the bottom - gross). With no Emergency Fund and us living paycheque to paycheque we had an issue that was going to cost us money with absolutely no extra money to our name – so we financed it. 3 years – equal payments no interest. There was a financing fee of course and we had to open a new credit card but we were approved for a good limit and found a mattress. Then we found an elliptical we didn’t even know we wanted but bought that too just because… Anyways, so we’ve been paying that every month for over 2 ½ years at this point. I was living in denial because I thought, hell we’ve already paid the financing fee so why not just keep up the payments (no excuses for myself I know this is completely dumb). 

Anyways – so we got the bill again in December, and G asked how many payments are left. I let him know we will be done by May 2016. Then we looked at the bill a little more detailed and seen we only have $248.87 left to pay. Then G said the sexiest thing: “Why don’t we just pay it off and start 2016 completely debt free?” (I love this man) That statement was most profound because G was the pro-debt/we only live once/we have our entire lives to pay it off kind of person. Even though I’m usually the one moving the money around, budgeting, tracking our networth I do involve him in the process and talk about what I’m doing, however I always thought he was more passive about the entire process. He has definitely been changing too! 

Last Wednesday G got paid and we transferred the balance owing. Yesterday G called the credit card company and let them know that we want the extra payments we made to pay off the card and to close it. Next month we will get a statement of $0. It feels good to be honest and to have the payment be gone from our budget. I’m glad G spoke up and said something when I was obviously in denial - so happy he called me out and made me wake up.

So with that, I swear 110% that we only have our mortgage debt left. I'm a dumbass for lying and an idiot for not closing this account sooner trust me I know, lol. 

& Happy New Year everyone! G and I were sleeping by midnight (we both worked yesterday and he is working days today) but we went to a community supper in the evening and had an amazing time — such good food! On our way back home I could see the Northern Lights so we pulled off the highway onto a grid and watched them dance for a while. I texted my one friend that moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan and let her know they were out - could be the last time she sees them. She broke the news to me the other day that her husband gave his notice at his work and they are moving back to Ontario, I didn’t even know there were issues. I’m sad but if it wasn’t working out they obviously shouldn’t force it. I don’t think I will be able to see her before they leave - I’m going to try my best though. 

- M


  1. Good for you for starting 2016 completely debt free. Your hubby sounds like such a nice guy.

  2. Thank you so much :) & he really is such an amazing supporter and partner; I'm extremely lucky <3 Happy New Year!