Sunday, 10 January 2016

Extra Income

Our overtime game is off to a strong start this year. 

On Friday, I volunteered to work at one of our other branches as they were understaffed. My milage was paid for as well as lunch and travel overtime will be added to my next pay. Works out to a little over $130 for really no extra work. I am definitely going to let my manager know if they ever need someone to do that again, I wouldn't mind. Pretty sweet deal, although it really has been G who has been killing it.

Monday he got called out in the middle of the night to help night shift (even though he was working days). Then worked late Wednesday to do a prisoner run that was completely voluntary, and worked late again Thursday (although that wasn’t voluntary). Extra income: Around $600.

His hard work makes my hustle look weak but every little bit helps! I also went thru my closet while putting away laundry and found a few items to sell and another bit of household items to donate. Like I said, every little bit helps.

- M 


  1. You two are really kicking it!

  2. That's great work on both sides!!

    My husband was able to get some extra hours over the last few weeks too which is really awesome. His employer doesn't typically allow for OT so the extra hours are super nice.

    1. That's normally how my job is - it's nice to get that little bit of extra in :)