Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Still Sick

Stayed home from work today - last night was tough. I was exhausted by 6 and fighting to stay awake. I finally went to bed at 8. It's clear my body is fighting something so I messages my manager this morning and reset an alarm for when the local clinic opened. As soon as the alarm went off I called the clinic and got an appointment for later in the morning.

He put me on an inhaler and has an antibiotic prescription on stand-by if things get worse with my sinus'. I took just one round of my puffer and I'm hoping it'll improve things quickly. I have to use it for two weeks.

G leaves tomorrow for up north so I've been taking advantage of him being home. He even ran to get my ice cream! Love that man, lol

- M


  1. This cold is taking it's toll on many people here in SK this Christmas. I hope you kick this thing soon and can get back to normal.

    1. Yeah it's really going around and hitting people hard. Thank god for this cold weather because all I want to do is stay at home, lol. Thanks Jolie! I hope your family, especially your mom and dad can stay away from any of these germs.